Wagon Parts
Texas Cowboy Outfitters
 We can also provide you with a chuckbox, oven boot, wagon seat
or many other accessories to complete your wagon.
Allow six to eight weeks delivery time on the larger items. 
Barrels and canvas flies, we can usually ship within three weeks.

Chuckbox, painted & installed--$1050.00
unpainted --$900.00

Ovenboot, installed--$450.00

Jockey box, painted--$95.00
installed- $115.00

20 gallon water barrel --$220.00

30 gallon water barrel--$250.00


Wagon seat new--$450.00

Canvas Wagon Fly--12' x 14' --$285.00
Stakes, 5 poles, and rope for fly--$95.00

Already own a wagon? Need some replacement parts? Or would you like some
wagon parts to use as decor in your home or place of business?
The following is a list of basic wagon parts. If you need a special item or you are having trouble finding an unusual part, write us and if we do not have it in stock we will do our best to locate the item. Prices vary, will need specific inquiry to send a price quote.
  • Wagon Hubs--These make great lamp bases.
  • Wagon tongue-- Specify the style of wagon.
  • Metal Hardware--specify kind and location on wagon

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