“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

photo by Caleb Jagger

A little about Glenn:

Glenn Moreland grew up in south Austin (Manchaca) in the 1950’s & 60’s. He met his wife, Patty, in college at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State) in San Marcos where he got an Ag degree. Patty, an art major, was from the Big Bend region of far west Texas.  Glenn immediately fell in love with the area the first time he visited. They eventually settled in Fort Davis and raised four kids in a log house that Glenn built. 

No matter what Glenn did for work or pleasure, he was always drawn to the frontier and cowboy way of life. Over the years he’s tried rodeoing, cattle inspecting, ranch work, construction, etc…For fun he learned to blacksmith, play the guitar & fiddle, and he picked up whittling.  He has always enjoyed working with his hands and creating/building with wood and metal.  In 1995, he turned that passion into a business and started Texas Cowboy Outfitters. 

Glenn’s wagon collection started while on his first job out of college circa 1971. “Fresh out of college I had a job as a cattle inspector. I saw a lot of wagons going to ruin so I started collecting them.” 

He’s now involved in a wide range of work including the complete restoration of horse drawn equipment. Glenn also repairs a fair number of wagon wheels and builds new wheels. The most common vehicles he works on are chuckwagons. It’s not unusual for a wagon to be missing some hardware like brake handles and other metal work.  His experience as a blacksmith allows him to reproduce parts in a manner consistent with the original design.

You can see some of Glenn’s wagons on public display: