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Are you looking for an authentic  chuckwagon for competition or just for personal use to decorate or entertain with?
Do you need wagon wheels or cannon wheels built, a new chuckbox or just some wagon accessories?

 Maybe you are looking for a branding iron, hand forged to your custom design.


Please browse through our pages to see if we may help you with your special requests. We build and design to your orders.

When Glenn is not building wagons or blacksmithing, you
can find him fiddlin' a little tune.
So check out his music at
Cowboy Music by Glenn Moreland


Ordering & Shipping Information
You may send your inquiries or requests to:
E-mail: moreland@texcowboy.com

Cell: 512-627-0562
Mailing address:
Texas Cowboy Outfitters
Glenn Moreland
P.O. Box 594
Fort Davis, TX 79734
(Please note: If you charge on your credit card, the bill will show up as Texas Cowboy Outfitters)
Shipping and handling vary for each item.
A single branding iron will have a minimum charge of $8.50 per package in the US.
We accept personal checks, money orders, or  credit cards.
We do not issue a catalog, all that we do is published to our web site.
Most of our work is on commission.
All inquiries will be responded to as soon as possible.
Please specify exactly which item or items
hat you are interested in, their size, style or design
and we will reply with availability, and a price
quote. Shipping available world wide, subject to
the limitations of the receiving country. 
Texas Cowboy Outfitters, Inc. is the enterprise of
 an authentic cowboy from Texas and his hardworking wife.
Glenn Moreland has been building wagons, blacksmithing
and winning chuckwagon cooking contests for over 20 years.

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